Requirements on the Keepers's Part

Qualification Check List

Am I for Zebra Finches?

Whether a bird fancier also qualifies as a bird keeper, that is not least a question of money: Zebra Finches themselves cost very little – far too little in my opinion –, but adequate housing so much more, and this is by far not all that a responsible bird keeper should heed:
  • Can you afford the aviary and lighting necessary for proper housing?
  • Do you also have enough space for an aviary large enough for your Zebra Finches to fly and train their flight musculature and thus be happy in the long flight, err, run?
  • Do you have enough time to devote to your feathered friends, i. e. to provide fresh water and food and remove the dirt?
  • Zebra Finches always prefer to keep their distance. Do you really want pets which you cannot become personally attached to?
  • Do you and the other members of your household have a positive attitude towards the constant contact calls and singing of the birds?
  • Can you and your family put up with the dirt (droppings, feathers, seed husks), which – depending on the construction – may accumulate outside the aviary, too – or are you or your family allergic to feathers, droppings and/or seed dust?
  • Who will take care of the Zebra Finches when you want to go on holiday or are not at home for other reasons?
  • Not to be forgotten: What are you going to do with the offspring, which will come soon?
  • And last but not least: Do you possess ther necessary knowledge for keeping Zebra Finches? My Zebra Finch book can help you there.

If you can answer all these questions to the satisfaction of your future fellow residents,
you should know how to check a Zebra Finch healthwise.

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